When customers say they can provide artwork for their screenprinting order it is not unbelievable to expect drawings on napkins, business cards, low resolution snapshots taken with a cell phone, or even handing us a printed t-shirt and asking us to duplicate the design. Unfortunately, these submissions are not considered "camera ready" art and not what is needed to complete a screenprinted order of any kind. To see imges of what it takes to prepare your artwork for screenprinting, see the PHOTOS and VIDEOS page. For written details, please keep reading.

Artwork that is ready to screenprint are designs that are 100% the exact size the image is to be printed and each colour has been separated into its own separate layer of art. Since each color is printed one at a time, each colour of the design requires an individual printout of that color and each printout is then "burned" onto separate screens specially prepared for printing.

If you do not have artwork the correct size to be printed or do not have your artwork prepared in separate color layers there will be an art charge for the graphic designers to properly prepare your art for printing production.

What you see is what you get. If your artwork is the correct size, but does not have sharp edges around each color your final screenprinted item will look blurry or have ragged edges. If you want sharp edges, there will be an art charge to clean up your design. If your artwork is the correct size, but delivered on paper as a full color image, there is also an art charge to separate the colors.

Properly prepared digital artwork should be submitted as a layered .eps or .ai (Illustrator) file. Single or layered .tiff (Photoshop) files are acceptable in some cases especially when dealing with artistic fine art and photographs, but must be saved at 300dpi at 100% finished size. Files MUST be created in Illustrator or Photoshop. You cannot create in Word and change the file extension--no Word created documents are accepted! High resolution .pdf files are acceptable, but will be assed a separation art charge if they are full color.

Properly prepared digital files are often too large to email. Contact Exclusive Custom Screenprinting for instructions to upload to our secure online internet server.

If you have any concerns about the artwork you are submitting,
PLEASE contact Exclusive Custom Screenprinting for assistance